WAVEWOLF Untamed Pro Series Body Board 41" Wild Teal

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  • Perfect for All Skill Levels - Whether you're a family looking for fun or an extreme bodyboarder, this user-friendly shape is the ultimate ride for everyone. Say goodbye to dull beach days, and hello to the ultimate thrill ride!
  • High-Quality Construction - These body boards for beach kids are built to withstand even the gnarliest waves. Constructed from a premium EPS core and sealed using heat laminated, they're more solid than regular glued boogie board for beach.
  • Coiled Wrist Leash - Keep your board close, and don't let anything hold you back. This comfortable wrist leash is suitable for all wrist sizes and keeps your board attached at all times, making it a must-have accessory body boards for adults.
  • Lightweight & Durable - These boogie boards for kids are designed for maximum speed and maneuverability. The HDPE slick bottom increases durability while keeping it light. Store it in your trunk, and be ready to hit the waves whenever they're firing!
  • Bat Tail & Dual Channels: Shred like a pro with the most versatile tail. The bat tail provides looseness and speed in all wave types, while the rear channels increase control and movement. These are the ultimate kids boogie boards for the beach!