Back Bay Play 26"-41" Body Boards - Lightweight EPS Core Boogie Boards for Beach - Bodyboard, Boogie Board for Beach Kids with Wrist Leash Surfing for Kids & Adults

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Back Bay Play buggy board bodyboard kidsare fun and easy to ride for all skill levels! Fun and Design meet to create a board that feels as good as it looks. Comes with a comfortable fitting wrist leash made of soft but durable material, suitable for all wrist sizes or kids. This ultra-light surf boards for kids is very easy to carry, and it will go with you wherever you go surfing this summer beach board. Take the wave board on any family trip to the beach, boogey board vacation, swimming pool, ocean, river, waterpark, or any outdoor activities! The Nantucket Surfboard shape is suited for all skill levels making it the best gift or birthday present for kids to learn surfing. Put down the beach toys and pick up a body board bodyboard kids! boggie. board for beach perfect for the summer. Put down the skim boards for beach kids and skim boards for beach and pick up a body board! Great for toddler boogie board and the ideal boogyboard for kids. Morey made the first board board and looks how far they have come boogy board. Your child will not want to share my boogie board body boards for beach. Even toddler boogie board will have fun. COmes in boogie board 2 pack. The perfect Beach Accessories!

  • Beginners To Pros - If you are a serious wave rider or looking for some fun for the family, this user-friendly shape is suited for all skill levels to enjoy body surfing. These boogie boards for kids will take your beach days from boring to exciting!
  • High-Quality Materials - Constructed with a highly durable EPS core with waterproof technology, making it weather-resistant and will not break or deform easily. Superior buoyancy and smooth bottom, you will be catching waves in no time this summer!
  • Lightweight Portability - These Body boards for beach kids are ultra-lightweight and easy to carry. Store in the trunk and have it ready to go when the waves are firing. Take it on any family trip to the beach, pool, or any outdoor activities!
  • Detachable Wrist Leash - Comfortable wrist leash suitable for all wrist sizes body boards for adults and kids. Wrist leashes will keep your board close and attached to you. A must-have accessory to keep your board from getting lost in the ocean.
  • Crescent Tail - The most common and versatile tail shape provides a good bite on the wave face and helps keep your body in the correct position. Designed for any skill level and performs in all wave conditions. Ideal kids boogie boards for beach.